Professional singer, dancer, music producer, voice coach. A woman with a passion, talent and vision. Creates performances, records albums, tours around the world, takes inspiration from the spanish, latinoamerican, gypsy and balkan music. Creates theatrical plays, touring in many European scenes and festivals. For many years she has been constantly part of the market of World Music. All the time somewhere on the way between Warsaw, Montevideo, Sevilla and Dublin. He is 37 years old and her biography looks twice as much. She runs Warsaw Vocal Studio in Poland, co-created European Vocal Camp. Magdalena teaches in France, Spain, UK, Bulgaria, Sweden and Ireland. She recorded four albums: “Chilli” with Noche de Boleros, “IMAN” under her own name, “Warsaw Lutoslawski” with Peter Steczek and string orquesta, “Mezihra” with her international band: Caravana Banda.

Magda Navarrete started singing when she was nine years old. She’s always developing her talent and honing her skills while travelling around the world and gaining inspiration from folk music.

The artist writes lyrics in Spanish and arranges melodies into Latino rhythms. She’s the only woman in Poland to meet the standards set by Spanish and Latin performance, when singing boleros and flamenco. She’s invited to collaborate in the development of many musical productions all over the world, including Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, New York, Romania, Berlin and London.

The artist’s unusual style is an effect of her consciously letting different musical styles influence her. Magda was born in Warsaw, studied music and anthropology in Madrid and established cooperation with the music market in South America. Currently she’s living between Poland and Ireland. Yet despite her multicultural experiences, she always calls Warsaw her home and considers the polish tradition as an ever greater source of inspiration in her musical fusions, clearly developed on her last album “Mezihra” with Caravana Banda.

She is currently learning under the tutelage of the best English and American teachers. One of her masters is Seth Riggs, who tutored such stars as Stevie Wonder and Natalie Cole. She learns singing and dancing directly from Madridian and Sevillan artists: Jose Romero, Montse Cortés, Angel Carmona, Rafael Rodriguez, Noelia Sabarea. Thanks to multiple trips to Latin America, she’s had the chance to work with the best Latin-American bolero artists, such as Estellita del Llano or Victor Hugo.

In 2010 she travelled around Venezuela with the cameras of “Good Morning TVN”, realizing a series of documentaries about the country’s culture and music. She’s collaborated with many radio, television and theatrical productions including TVN’s “Dancing with the Stars”, TVP 2’s “Przebojowa noc” (“Night of hits”), Roma Theatre’s “Orpheus in the Underworld”, the Carmen Concierto, “Flamenco Namiętnie” (“Flamenco Passionately”) directed by K. Janda in the Polonia Theatre and Elle Style Awards. The general public knows her voice from the famous “Tango de Amor”, a song that promoted the hit film “Nigdy w życiu” (“Not on your life!”).

In 2007 she released her first album entitled “Chilli” under the imprint of the Warner Music record label. It was distributed on the Polish, Spanish and German markets. Over the years the artist and her band gave many concerts in European halls and during jazz festivals.

The artist’s claim to fame was an extraordinary Spanish interpretation of “Ta ostatnia niedziela” – “El ultimo Domingo”. In 2010 the vocalist recorded her second album entitled “Iman”. She presented new, slightly electronic versions of beautiful Latino compositions. The song “Uciekaj moje serce” (“Vete mi corazón”), recorded in Spanish as a duet with Stanisław Sojka was an unquestionable success. It won the artist universal acclaim in the media and press.
On “The Warsaw Lutoslawski” published by Agora, she looked for an enigmatic works of Witold Lutoslawski from the 50s and 60s, which the composer wrote under the pseudonym Derwid. Album recorded in collaboration with arranger and violinist – Peter Steczek. Album recovers the magical atmosphere of the retro orquestas y polish “dancings”. Singer is  permanently connected the Polish – Czech group – “Caravana Banda,” which co-creates with composer and arranger Tomas Prusa. Together they form a unique blend of Flamenco and Balkan music, which has growing international success:

Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski
  1. Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski