A Latin American music concert in the form of a theatrical performance.

Café Bolero Night is a musical journey through time, a visit in South America and Spain.
Latin American rhythms and Magda Navarrete’s voice will take spectators straight to the sunny, pre-revolutionary Havana. From there the artist carries us to a laughter- and dance-filled Rio de Janeiro tavern. Before we lose ourselves in the Argentinian trans, Magda will takes us to the silent, mysterious Andalusia, where we can be lulled by the delicate bolero rhythm.
During the concert, Magda Navarrete will sing pieces from her solo album “Iman”, which gives the listener a chance to return to the Spanish and Latin American musical style that seems a little forgotten today; to the bolero, tango, flamenco and bossa nova. The concert comes alive with dance and percussion scenes. It seizes the heart with beautiful melodies. Café Bolero Night is a tasteful combination of music and atmosphere of pre-war cafes and taverns of Rio de Janeiro, Havana and Bogota.

The band:
vocals, dance, cajon – Magda Navarrete
piano – Artur Bogusławski
bass – Michał Przybyła
percussion – Łukasz Dmochewicz “Samba”
saxophone, flute, accordion, synths – Marcin Świderski
flamenco guitar – Andrzej Lewocki

Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski
  1. Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski