Caravana Banda is a one-of-a-kind band, true musical performance, fascinating gypsy, balkanic, flamenco fusion which mixes a grand, theatrical majesty with almost “street” energy!

First, you feel the energy of the team, then you can hear tunes of a very old world: a native of gypsy stories, Balkan music, Kurpie swirls, Flamenco Rhythms. Then the energy tangels and mixes up with emotional lyrics and melodies of songs that this Polish – Czech band writes, produces and composes. Caravana Banda is not just 5 guys with trumpets, no! This is one girl and guys with big trumpets, guitar and drums and unusual musical idea.
This orchestra is full of exotic instruments, and talented, eccentrical musicians. Songs of Caravana are instrumentally brilliant, catchy and originally arranged. The band takes inspirations from their roots by playing some of the Kurpie melodies, but also some traditions from  the Czech Moravian region. On their concerts you will be hear  tunes from Romania, Albania, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Czech Republik, as well as their original songs…. and even some of the Brazilian touch, which band has more and more in common with. They go to Sao Paolo to record their first album with Grammy Winner Producer – Ale Siquiera.

Well and then the voice and dance of Magda Navarrete. On one hand, she sings velvet boleros, on the other she is making piercing notes of flamenco, women with a lot of different voices. Juggles with rhythms, styles, melodies, but still remains faithfull to her passion for “world music”. She can go to from treble to bass notes, humming the space between them, until the moment she attacks notes with all her temperament and energy.

Brass Section’s Father is a Czech musician and former lead singer of the cult band “Vltava” – Tomas Prusa. He is also a head of arrangements in Caravana Banda. He is combining two different worlds of slavian and latin souls – being a Madrid citizen for couple of years.

An important element in the sound of the band is a flamenco guitar and firmly “spanish rumba” pattern made by Andrzej Lewocki – polish(almost gypsy) flamenco guitarist. He gives the new taste into the balkan arrangements. Caravana combines musical momentum with almost a “street” energy, the Band is experimenting, coloring brass section and of course mixing up the rhythms. For over two years Caravana Banda wins his audience in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, bringing to stage an aspect of “firecrackers energy,” and at the same time theatrical and artistic feeling for music.

Band line-up:
vocals, dance – Magda Navarrete
arrangements, sax, voice – Tomas Prusa
guitar oud, cajón – Andrzej Lewocki

cajón, tapan – Mateusz Sieradzan
trumpet – Vaclav Kalenda
euphonium – Jakub Masek
tuba – Jiri Genrt

Maxi Singiel of upcoming debut album “Mezihra” is now on the market!

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Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski
  1. Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski