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20 November 2017


MEZIHRA”  Iberia Records / 2017   – Buy here 

This is an international project combining the sounds of the Balkans, flamenco and Eastern European folk music—though this still doesn’t properly paint the diversity of sounds that you’ll hear on the album of this Polish-Czech band! Their incredible energy, musical artistry, 10 languages, a dozen different cultural inspirations, and traditional as well as original melodies fuse together in this unique-sounding album, “Mezihra”.

In Czech, “Mezihra” means “interlude”, which is the middle portion of a piece of music. This Eastern-sounding word fascinated the musicians of Caravana Banda in rehearsals, during which they use their own form of “Esperanto”, as the band communicates in four languages: Polish, Spanish, Czech, and English. “Additionally, that term can mean ‘mezi gra’, as in, ‘playing in the middle’, which is what we do—we play in Central Europe and bring together sounds from the East and West”, says vocalist Magda Navarrete.

The band members say that they play music from many corners of the continent: from energetic Balkan and Spanish rhythms, the band is also “taking” from their own Esterneuropean roots: songs from the Kurpie and Moravia regions of Poland and the Czech Republic.  Most of the album consists of original compositions, which is rare for Balkan bands. This album is also the fruit of over three years of performances together—most of these songs have passed the “audience test”, with flying colors. And the band’s chemistry is not only clear on stage, but also during their trips together, in their ability to sleep anywhere, eat chips when lacking real food, and spend ten-hour traffic jams together. They want listeners to experience their passion, musicality, and wild adventures through this album, and be drawn into their nomadic stories.

Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski
  1. Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski