Vocal Workshops all around the world


Magda Navarrete leads Flamenco dancing and singing workshops in Poland and abroad.
Each year she organizes summer workshops in Beskid Sądecki.
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Intensive Vocal Weekends – warsztaty wokalne na całym świecie


Intensive Vocal Weekends – vocal workshops all over the world.
Vocal technique in theory and practice – Magda Navarrete and Andres Martorell have created a series of workshops for those interested in singing and using their voice professionally. They travel the world teaching people how to better use their voice. They lead workshops in Europe: Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Bulgaria and Poland: in Bielsko-Biała, Poznań, Rzeszów and Trójmiasto.

Oncoming workshops:
10-12.10 – MALMO /SWEDEN
31.10 – 03.11 – PORTO/P​ORTUGAL
06.11 – 11.11 – SOFIA/ BULGARIA
10.12 – 14.12 – SAO PAOLO/ BRASIL
16.12 – 20.12 – MONTEVIDEO / URUGUAY



Magda Navarrete also leads development workshops for women – for more information visit

Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski
  1. Nie oczekuje dziś nikogo // Magda Navarrete - Warszawski Lutoslawski