World Music Journey

Magda Navarrete, together with top class musicians, creates a unique fusion of Spanish, Latin American, Gypsy, Jewish and Balkan music, interwoven with artful flamenco dance. Always firstly inspiring herself by the roots and then creating her own musical language.

Her six musical projects have appeared on music hall stages all over the world as well as in world music festivals: Dublin Fringe Festival, NOSPR Katowice, Folk ALLIANCE - Canada, Polish Embassy - Montreal, Magic Mabork - Poland, Nomads Festival - Morocco, Balkan Bashavel - Prague, Czech Republic, World Music Festival - Finland, and many more….

Caravana Banda

TPassionate mix of Spanish, Balkan and Gypsy jazz music, where melodies sung in 12 different languages intermingle in a fascinating musical journey. It’s like a show, not a concert - the band consciously uses theatrical procedures and makes their concerts a real spectacle. Czech Brass Band and Magda Navarrete’s voice plus flamenco dance. BUM!

Navarrete Sefardi Project

Woven with precious stones, golden carpets, fragrant spices, and stories straight out of "The Thousand and One Nights" fairy tales - a journey through Jewish music played by outstanding local musicians of Polish and Spanish music scene. Between songs in Hebrew, Arabic, there is also an outstanding presence of Ladino - an old Jewish dialect used long ago in Spain by Sephardic Jews.

Cafe Brazil

Captivating spectacle of Brazilian music - a passionate journey through Bossa nova rhythms, from Brazilian MPB pop up to foro and samba, complemented by fusion with jazz and funk. "Cafe Brazil" takes the audience to a crazy night of Rio de Janeiro from little a tavern to a huge dance hall.

Warszawski Lutosławski

Sophisticated encounter of the classics and entertainment, of noble sounds and modernity. This enconter takes listeners on an extraordinary journey to "those years" - retro songs like a time machine take into the atmosphere of dance parties and afternoon "fives", so popular in the 50s and 60s.


The mixture of the most beautiful Latin melodies in the elegant setting of the Symphony Orchestra under the baton of W. Pieregorólka. The combination of traditional, passionate, Latin American bolsters with the noble sound of a symphony orchestra is an unusual idea and the only one on the European market.

Flamenco Passionetly

Thetrical play mixing old polish song with flamenco "compares" and styles. Created for summer festivals - is love story based on the libretto of Ewa Demarczyk's song "Czerwonym blaskiem otoczona" with Spanish melodies and rythms, enriched with hypnotic flamenco dance.

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