Cafe Brazil

"Cafe Brazil" is a captivating spectacle of Brazilian music - a passionate journey through Bossa nova rhythms, from Brazilian MPB pop up to foro and samba, complemented by fusion with jazz and funk. "Cafe Brazil" takes the audience to a crazy night of Rio de Janeiro from little a tavern to a huge dance hall.

Magda Navarrete invariably juggles musical styles and this spectacle is yet another confirmation that she does it with the utmost class and taste. Although the set seems quite eclectic - Magda Navarrete and the musicians show a new, engaging, and inspiring "face" of Brazilian music in the form of a theatrical performance.

"We show a lot of different Brazilian rhythms, use interesting instrumentation, wander for a while to Brazilian pop called MPB, as well as bossanova, foro or samba. But don't expect naked bodies and feathers, although it will be hot! There are amazing percussion solos in the show, but above all - lots of sophisticated sounds and real energy." - Magda Navarrete announces.

The performance "Cafe Brazil" consists of instrumental scenes where two guitarists: Polish and Brazilian, combine rhythms and melodies, mixing convention and style, and eye-catching dance scenes.


About Artists

In "Cafe Brazil" Magda Navarrete is accompanied by extraordinary musicians, with whom the artist recorded her first album "Chilli", and a special guest from Brazil - Bernardo Galastri - guitarist and vocalist.

The album "CHILLI"

The first associations are pre-revolutionary Havana, the taverns of Rio de Janeiro, mysterious Andalusia. This album plays around with the traditional bolero, showing both: it’s traditional and fusion side. Chilli brings up old boleros in creative arrangements like: “ Esperame en el Cielo” or “El compromiso” and own author compositions of the band. Magda Navarrete's dark, sensual voice which mix up with acoustic sounds of the piano, accordion, violin and many ethnic percussion instruments bringing to a listener a total Chill Out atmosphere. CHILLI album was called number one album in Polish market by ELLE magazine.

Jouko Kirstila /JAZZRYTMIT MAGAZINE/ Finland

Warner Music/ 2008

The album contains melodies and lyrics found at the bottom of a Latin trunk, complemented by original compositions. But the southern, pulsating and somewhat nostalgic tradition is balanced with a modern, sometimes even avant-garde approach to arrangement, rhythmics, and harmony. In various places we can hear salsa, flamenco, bossa nova and even pop, but this play of styles is imbued with a clear idea and simply good taste. Each listening reveals yet another nuance to the listener.

Noche De Boleros is a Polish band, fronted by Magda Navarrete, which performs Latin music enriched by inclinations in jazz. This is the debut album of both this formation and the singer herself. "Chilli" is based primarily on acoustic sounds of piano, accordion, violin, and ethnic percussion instruments. It interestingly reveals unknown "corners" of Latin music - from traditional boleros, through Bossa nova, to several original compositions inspired by everything Spanish. It is a soothing, smooth jazz album, beautifully recorded, which will stay on the shelves and in the ears for a very long time.

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Amazing energy of passionate boleros, Brazilian bossanova, flamenco dance and Magda Navarrete's original songs. "Cafe Brazil" captures the hearts of the audience.

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