”Flamenco Passionately” is a theatrical play mixing old polish song with flamenco “compares” and styles. Created for summer festivals - is love story based on the libretto of Ewa Demarczyk's song "Czerwonym blaskiem otoczona" with Spanish melodies and rhythms, enriched with hypnotic flamenco dance.

The performance tells in a simple way about feelings and human passions. The lyrics are only a starting point and lead us into the fascinating world of FLAMENCO, where dance, singing, rhythm and guitar sounds spin a tale of the deepest emotions - from sorrow and despair to indescribable happiness.

Flamenco is a unique combination of music, singing, dance and visuals, reflecting the full range of emotions - from passion to melancholy. The flamenco tradition originates from Spanish Andalusia and is a unique, valued and UNESCO-listed cultural phenomenon, cultivated with great care. Mastering flamenco, which is said to express pure emotion, requires the ability to achieve harmony of dance, song and spirit.

The performance "Flamenco Passionately" has been staged for years on theatre, city and club scenes, as well as on open-air summer stages, and has enjoyed unflagging popularity.

About Artists

Corazón Flamenco band exists since 2006 and is formed by four talented and charismatic musicians. The wide range of musical interests of each band member makes the band's repertoire include not only traditional flamenco genres, but also elements of tango, Argentinian folklore, Cuban bolero and rumba, African rhythms and modern rap. Creating fusions of styles, they expand the line-up with additional instruments, emphasising the character and uniqueness of Spanish sounds.

For over 15 years, Corazón Flamenco has been gaining ever greater recognition and popularity, performing in concert halls, philharmonics, as well as clubs. The group collaborates on a permanent basis with Warsaw theatres - NTF Dance Theatre, Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw, POLONIA Theatre, Syrena Theatre and Comedy Theatre.

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“The artists present flamenco artistry in various tones. Dancing, singing and music flowing from the stage (...) at times magnetizes with its lively vitality, at times focuses on mysterious depths.”

Stefania Pruszynska / IMPRESJEE / Poland

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