Navarrete Sefardi Project

Woven with precious stones, golden carpets, fragrant spices, and stories straight out of "The Thousand and One Nights" fairy tales - a journey through Jewish music played by outstanding local musicians of Polish and Spanish music scene. Between songs in Hebrew, Arabic, there is also an outstanding presence of Ladino - an old Jewish dialect used long ago in Spain by Sephardic Jews.

In a fascinating way they intertwine the melodies of the ancient world. Where flamenco music originated, where the Jewish melodies of people exiled from Spain met Arabic influences. This is how the Ladino dialect came into being, a language that is hardly used today; and this is how the Sephardic music of the Jews came into being.

Magda Navarrete sings her songs in Ladino, Hebrew, and Arabic. There are also Sephardic songs that still carry the scent of old Spain, and sung in 'Ladino' they create a unique atmosphere that the audience may associate with the works of Yasmin Levy or Mor Karbasi, for example.

The project was created for the World Orchestra Festival in 2015 and has been captivating the hearts of listeners and audiences ever since.

About Artists

This time, the charismatic Magda Navarrete together with excellent instrumentalists, combine flamenco music, old Jewish melodies and Arabic rhythms.

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The melodies of the ancient world meet in a fascinating way. Where flamenco music began, where the Jewish melodies of the people banished from Spain mingled with arabic influences.

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